Comprehensive chemical solutions by beginning with the end in mind. Addressing the project as integrated, rather than siloed processes, reduces downtime--minimizing costs and increasing profits.

Completion Solutions

Your custom completion solutions are designed for you, created with the end result in mind. We partner with you to design all processes in a holistic manner to minimize the impact water has on a reservoir, and to maximize the long-term production of oil and gas.

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Water Treatment and Recycling Solutions

We believe "Water is Everything"™ as it is the universal solvent. Beginning with the end in mind includes evaluating the effect water may have on a reservoir.

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Production Solutions

Our partners enjoy low-total operating costs as a result of efficient production solutions. Access to a complete range of production chemicals, well-site pumps and tanks, and highly-trained field technicians that monitor performance and field testing ensures that you have everything you need.

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Water treatment and process additives for mid-stream processing, transportation, and refining. Additives include cooling water, boiler water, H2S scavengers, corrosion inhibitors, compressor anti-foulants, and biocides.

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Fuel Solutions

Fuel solutions must meet stringent requirements to perform effectively under diverse conditions. The fuel solutions we provide meet regulatory requirements and improve quality, while improving your profitability.

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