How Much Money Are Your Chemicals REALLY Costing You?

Everyone appreciates a good value. Why buy an expensive brand-name product when you can get the store-brand product for a fraction of the cost? While that may hold true for several household items, food and beverages, the same can’t be said for all products, especially oil and gas chemical products.

While single-ply toilet paper and Keystone Light will just cost you a few unpleasant experiences, buying cheap oil and gas chemicals will have a lasting effect on your bottom line.


In response to the declining oil and gas market, companies may be inclined to purchase cheaper chemicals. However, purchasing cheaper chemicals does not necessarily mean you will save money.

When you invest in subpar chemicals, the health of your bottom line is at stake. Cheap chemicals lead to underperforming wells and higher failure rates and ultimately cause you to use more chemical than necessary due to the diluted products. What you have saved on chemicals is costing you more in delivery costs and chemical usage.

Smart Chemical Services does not dilute our chemicals, no matter the economic climate. Our chemicals improve performance and save you money in the long run.

How Do You Want To Be Treated?

Cheap chemicals equal cheap results. That’s the bottom line. We understand that investing in a $4 gallon of chemistry may be more tempting than an $8 gallon, but it’s important you focus on the total cost, not just the dollar per gallon. Paying for a lower quality, less-effective chemical will actually increase your total cost of operation.

The Smart Chemical Services team has been through five boom and busts in our professional cycle and we know how to maximize the performance of chemical and mechanical programs. No matter the economic climate, we never scrimp on quality, guaranteeing only the best, most cost-effective chemical products for the oil and gas industry.

We take a holistic approach to ensure optimum results and offer true, measurable value to your company. Our team is highly experienced in precision chemical application and boasts a deep background in mechanical and chemical aspects of oil and gas operations.

Contact Smart Chemical Services today and find out why we are the one of the fastest growing oil and gas chemical leaders in the nation. 

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