Do You Want To Invest In Cheap Chemicals Or "Smart" Chemicals?

When the oil and gas industry experiences a downturn, companies are more prone to purchase cheaper chemicals. Everyone appreciates a good value, especially in today’s economy.

But, just like scrimping on tires, the risks of scrimping on chemicals can outweigh cost savings and affect the overall integrity of your project. Tread wisely!

Cheap chemicals are often diluted, causing you to use more chemical, and ultimately leading to underperforming wells and higher failure rates. Focusing on cheap chemicals rather than the total cost of operations can result in higher operating costs. Concentrating on the right chemical for the right job — not cheap chemical — is Smart Chemical Service’s mission.


Sure, you may have saved by choosing the $4 gallon of chemical as opposed to the $8, but you’re actually spending more on delivery costs, usage and total cost of operations.

Smart Chemical Services will not sacrifice performance of our chemistries to provide a cheap solution, no matter the economic climate. Our chemicals improve performance and reduce costs. To find out how our chemicals can save you money, contact us today.

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